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UK Uncut should not have been protesting at Nick Clegg’s house

I have been absolutely appalled by some of the stuff I’ve seen from supporters of UK Uncut in defence of their protest outside Nick Clegg’s house. Some people think that, because children are having to suffer the impacts of cuts … Continue reading

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People should not go to jail for unfurling a banner!

Gareth Epps tells how student Edd Bauer has spent the last week in prison for the unfurling of a banner decrying us for being traitors at our Conference in Birmingham last weekend. Now, unfurling banners doesn’t actually hurt anybody. If … Continue reading

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>So what exactly is the point in protesting?

>Both Malc and Jeff have questioned the point of going on protests like yesterday’s Gaza march. They argue that it’s futile cos it’s not going to change anybody’s mind and it just leaves the authorities a whole load of stuff … Continue reading

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