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BBC stoop to new Question Time low…

The BBC doesn’t give enough representation to Liberal Democrats on Question Time. We’ve known that for some time. And the weeks when we don’t have anybody on the panel often coincide with a time when we have a different point … Continue reading

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I’m cross with Willie Rennie……..

Well, kind of. Even though it’s not his fault that he found himself having to high tail it to St Andrew’s last night to take part in Question Time at the last minute. There was even a sort of symmetry … Continue reading

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>Advice from Beyond the Bubble: MPs, please forget this abstention nonsense

>Deep in the Westminster Bubble, I can imagine that there is a place where trying to get all the Liberal Democrat MPs voting the same way on the landmark tuition fees votes next week sounds quite sensible. Can I suggest … Continue reading

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>Question Time Fail Deja Vu – Nigel Farage on AGAIN and no Lib Dem #bbcqt

>I bring you news, dear readers, of yet another monstrous Question Time fail. My keyboard has become a wall against which I bang my head. Two weeks in a row with no Lib Dem and, for the fifth time in … Continue reading

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>A(nother) BBC Question Time Double Fail

>Now that it’s the school holidays, I’ve had the chance to stay up to join in the BBC Question Time tweetfest on a Thursday night cos I don’t have to get up early. You’ll know that I’ve had my say … Continue reading

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>No Lib Dems on Question Time – Geeks’ Special #bbcqt

>If you don’t want the geekery and just want to complain that for the third week in four, there is no Lib Dem on Question Time, just click here. You might want to call over at Daddy Alex’s first cos … Continue reading

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>Why don’t they just rename Question Time the Melanie Phillips Show?

>Do you remember a few months ago I got a bit dischuffed that Jo Swinson had been dropped from Question Time in the week that both Iraq and the Calman Commission report, issues on which the Lib Dems had a … Continue reading

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>Jo Swinson Dropped from Question Time – Update

>Since I wrote this post yesterday, a steady flow of people have let me know either via Twitter or Facebook or the group on the new Lib Dem social network Act that they have complained to the BBC about Jo … Continue reading

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>Jo Swinson dropped from BBC Question Time Panel

> Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs shadow minister Jo Swinson commented on Twitter this morning that she was a “bit miffed at being dropped from #bbcqt panel at 48hrs notice: Iraq inquiry this week and no Lib Dem on panel!” I … Continue reading

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>Nadine Dorries thinks Trident isn’t a weapon of mass destruction

>Yes, you did read that right. Tory MP Nadine Dorries actually said on Question Time (and I replayed it several times to make sure, because I thought my dodgy ears couldn’t possibly be right) that Trident, which her Party has … Continue reading

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