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Scary Republicans Part 1 – comparing pregnancy from rape to having a child out of wedlock

As the Republicans gather in Florida for their Convention, they are all madly trying to make it sound as though they really aren’t as bad as Todd Akin, the Missouri senate candidate whose assertion that you can’t get pregnant from … Continue reading

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All sorts of lovely reasons to vote Republican

An oldie but a goodie.

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Please don’t get the idea that Mitt Romney is a moderate…..

A Facebook friend of mine last night summed up my feelings about the Republican caucuses in Iowa perfectly when he said: Looking forward to finding out what flat earth, anti-woman, homophobic, creationist, global warming denier the Republicans vote for in … Continue reading

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BBC misogyny is so 2011

You would expect, wouldn’t you, that a public service broadcaster with a deserved reputation for quality as the BBC has, would be very careful to make sure that it didn’t discriminate against any one group of people. Unfortunately not. This … Continue reading

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>How the US Republicans get it so, so wrong

>I am not going to have a lot of spare time this week, so blogging will be very light. I can’t, however, ignore the fact that I’m waking up this morning to a former US President, who in my opinion … Continue reading

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