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Rennie: Salmond would dine out with Devil to further independence cause

I’ve been watching the love in between Alex Salmond and Rupert Murdoch with an increasing sense of foreboding. And it appears I might have good reason. Have a look at this succession of tweets from Andrew Neil: Especially the one … Continue reading

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All that schmoozing with Rupert Murdoch pays off for Alex Salmond

Up until last August, Alex Salmond had met senior figures in Rupert Murdoch’s now toxic empire some 25 times. His power schmoozing clearly had an effect.  In 2007, Ian McWhirter rightly had a right go at the Sun for its … Continue reading

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Back from holiday. Have I missed anything…………?

So, I’m back from my week’s break in the highlands refreshed and  relaxed. It’s normally quite quiet this time of year so I expect nothing much to have happened.  Just off out to buy a News of the World to … Continue reading

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>If it’s Cable v Murdoch, I’m on Vince’s side in the politician being honest shocker

>To be fair, there aren’t very many people I’d back if they were in a war against Vince Cable. This is the guy who gave this party economic credibility. His message wasn’t so different to our long standing principles of … Continue reading

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