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Nick Clegg is wrong on EU benefits – his words and actions don’t match up. We might save peanuts, but we lose so much more..

So, all these EU citizens from poorer countries coming here and claiming benefits. A huge problem? Actually, not so much. My Liberal Democrat Voice co-editor was bang on the money yesterday when he said: So, for all the uproar and … Continue reading

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BBC’s story on immigration billboards misses the point

Like many Liberal Democrats – actually make that virtually all Liberal Democrats who have commented – I am absolutely fuming about the Government’s plans, announced by immigration minister Mark Harper, to send billboards around 6 London boroughs with a message … Continue reading

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Sarah Teather and Sally Hamwee contribute to report which highlights misery of new family immigration rules

The conclusions of today’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Migration, that the changes in the family immigration rules are unfair and causing families to be split up, should come as no surprise. It was obvious to anyone who knows even … Continue reading

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Danny Alexander rejects George Osborne’s comments on the Philpott case

I told you the other night that Sarah Teather had condemned George Osborne’s comments connecting the Philpott case to the welfare system. Some people made comments along the lines that it was only a backbencher, and no Liberal Democrat minister had said … Continue reading

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Liberal Democrats should not be voting to cut benefits for the poorest, working or not

I aIways knew when we went into Coalition that there would be moments when I would need to be locked in a cupboard with a bottle of gin. Tonight is one of them when MPs vote on a proposal, which, … Continue reading

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Liberal Democrats should have none of this honours for departing ministers business

I just want to quickly add my voice to that of Stephen Tall, who has said that Liberal Democrats should not accept honours for departing ministers. However sad I might be to see Nick Harvey, Paul Burstow, Sarah Teather and … Continue reading

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>Sorry guys – I lost

>Four simple words from Willie Rennie, but quite painful to read. He tweeted this just minutes after the declaration which saw his Dunfermline Dream come to an end – for the moment at least. I was watching the messages of … Continue reading

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>Some sense on MP’s expenses

>Common sense from Sarah Teather, as usual. Elsewhere in Westminster, David Cameron has got all tough. Pity he couldn’t have found his decisive streak when his MPs were voting against reform and to conceal their expenses. LibDig This!

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