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Bluff, bluster and bullying says Salmond. Pot, kettle and black come to mind.

This post originally appeared on Liberal Democrat Voice That the SNP would dismiss yesterday’s announcement on currency by George Osborne should not come as a surprise to any of us. Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have taken to the airwaves … Continue reading

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Ruling out a currency union. Locking the horse inside the stable?

This post first appeared on Liberal Democrat Voice The currency in an independent Scotland has been the subject of much frenetic debate in recent months. The Scottish Government’s White Paper on independence is clear that their preferred option is to continue to … Continue reading

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Time to start educating children about their rights after figures show Police stopped and searched 500 under 10s

Shocking figures show that police in Scotland have stopped and searched 750,000 people in the last year. The Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research report also found that 500 children under 10 were stopped and searched in 2010 alone.  This has … Continue reading

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In Full: Alistair Carmichael’s New Year Speech – A positive vision of UK’s achievements to contrast with the incoherent nationalist position

This is very long, but I thought it was worth posting in full. My analysis is here on Liberal Democrat Voice. You can never really get the full flavour of a 14 page speech into a blog post. It’s not always … Continue reading

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A polite request to all Scottish male politicians and political commentators

Scotland may be involved in a long and often bad-tempered referendum campaign, but there are still some issues that unite people across the political divide. You can guarantee that at least once a fortnight, I’ll complain on Twitter about yet … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie: "In 20 years, they’ll be glad they had nursery education at an early stage because it might just change their life chances"

There were extraordinary scenes in the Scottish Parliament this afternoon. First of all, the Scottish Liberal Democrats didn’t even vote for their amendment, and nor did anyone else. They didn’t have to, because the Scottish Government had taken a big … Continue reading

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Moves to close Edinburgh saunas show illiberal and centralising effect of Scotland’s Police merger

For the New Year, a story which shows the adverse effects of both illiberal and centralising measures. In Edinburgh, for the past 30 years, “saunas” have been licensed with the unspoken knowledge that it was sex, rather than massages, which … Continue reading

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Carmichael: 3 questions the SNP must answer on currency, pensions and costs after independence

In the beautiful surroundings of Bishop’s House in Inverness, Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Scotland Alistair Carmichael gave his first keynote speech. The whole thing is published below the cut, but here are the highlights: The Highlands and Islands … Continue reading

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SNP Councillor calls Alistair Carmichael a "supposed Scot" as furious debate over shipyards continues for too long

It’s been a fairly depressing couple of days for anyone watching the independence referendum campaign north of the border. Both sides would do well to remember that people are losing their jobs in Portsmouth, Glasgow and Rosyth after the BAE … Continue reading

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In full: Willie Rennie: We need a new Claim of Right to deliver a powerful Scotland in the UK

The full text of Willie Rennie’s speech in Glasgow today in which he called on the party leaders to develop a joint declaration on future constitutional change after a no vote for independence.  One of the reasons that people have … Continue reading

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