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Scotland Tonight team member calls me a troll after I complain about all male programme

Update: Shortly after I posted this, I went out for the day and have just returned. I am pleased to say that Peter has contacted me and made a genuine and sincere apology which is to his credit. He says … Continue reading

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Would you have helped Nigella?

Everyone’s been pretty shocked by the photos of Charles Saatchi’s assault on Nigella Lawson for which he has now received a Police caution. Just out of interest, I looked up the criteria for giving a caution and the procedures for … Continue reading

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Is it time for retailers to lose the lads’ mags?

Every time you go into a supermarket or newsagent to buy a magazine, you are likely to be confronted with the following: A women’s section, which contains magazines on, mainly, celebrity froth, sewing, cooking and child-rearing; Everything remotely interesting,like current … Continue reading

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George Foulkes was wrong, but all political parties need to do more to tackle rape culture

Yesterday, George Foulkes caused a bit of a stooshie with this tweet: Horsemeat in school dinners,14 year old raped in City bus & Orkney firm in administration yet all we hear from SNP Govt. is more on Indyref!— George Foulkes … Continue reading

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Active sexism as part of a marketing strategy, Lord Sugar?

We’re used to seeing sex being used to sell products. We’re used to seeing ads built on an unhealthy foundation of sexism. Remember that really irritating washing up liquid ad from the Olympics which suggested that mums were just there … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama and magnetic misogyny

Michelle Obama is a formidable woman. She combines intelligence with warmth and is an inspiration to a generation of women not only in the US but worldwide. A magnetic personality, you might say. Who can forget the affection she inspired … Continue reading

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Page 3 is the tip of a huge iceberg which threatens our society #nomorepage3

The No More Page 3 Campaign hurtles towards 50,000 signatures, and has attracted the backing of some more Liberal Democrat MPs, MSPs and councillors. Julian Huppert, Tom Brake and Stephen Williams have signed up, along with Alison McInnes MSP, Sarah … Continue reading

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Scary Republicans Part 1 – comparing pregnancy from rape to having a child out of wedlock

As the Republicans gather in Florida for their Convention, they are all madly trying to make it sound as though they really aren’t as bad as Todd Akin, the Missouri senate candidate whose assertion that you can’t get pregnant from … Continue reading

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Treasure is for boys, fluff for girls – in the 21st century?

Just in case you thought gender stereotyping was a thing of the past, have a look at this picture which is doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment. So, if you’re a boy, you are told that you should … Continue reading

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Telegraph: Women’s Judo is "disturbing"

The talk of Twitter last night was a blog post from Telegraph journalist Andrew M Brown, who wrote of his feelings when watching Gemma Gibbons win her Olympic silver in Judo yesterday. Pride? Admiration? Nope. None of that.  I found … Continue reading

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