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Ad Lib: there are mistakes here, but it’s a good effort

I’ve been reading the Party’s Ad Lib magazine, the successor to Lib Dem News. Generally, I liked it. I do have some fairly major quibbles, but for a debut issue, looking for new subscribers, I thought it was a good … Continue reading

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Let’s unite behind Shirley Williams’ NHS motion #ldconf

I adore Shirley Williams, always have, always will. She’s one of my political heroines. The way she has fought for women’s rights and helped emerging democracies to develop shows a truly liberal and compassionate spirit. So that’s my declaration of … Continue reading

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Shirley Williams talks about barriers facing women in Politics and Business

On one of these election results programmes from 1979, Shirley Williams had to put up with the ignominy of being told she was “very pretty” by Sir Robin Day. I never heard him say the same thing to male politicians, … Continue reading

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Nick could learn from Barack’s State of the Union preparation

I spent some time yesterday evening geeking out on the White House website in advance of tonight’s State of the Union address. This is the annual prestige occasion when the US President addresses both houses of Congress on where the … Continue reading

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>Liberal Democrats stand up and are counted with Shirley Williams and Evan Harris on NHS #ldconf

> I’ve written many times about how Shirley Williams is my political hero. In fact, we probably don’t need the political in there. I have so much respect for the contribution she’s made not just in this country, but internationally. … Continue reading

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>Shirley Williams supports Liberal Democrat Trident call

>Shirley Williams is my political hero. I had real goosebumps when during the Conference debate on the emergency motion on Trident when the chair asked our 79 year old peer to stand by. When she took to the platform, she … Continue reading

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>20 Years since the Berlin Wall came down? Really?

>I think the resounding thing I feel from the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down (as predicted by my friend, the author of Cicero’s Songs, when I first knew him in 1985, by the way)is old. Some of … Continue reading

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>7 Reasons I joined the Lib Dems

>Time for me to tackle the meme of the moment. You’ll notice that I’m not conforming by waiting until Saturday to do it:-) The backdrop to my political DNA is found in the Preamble to the Party’s Constitution – the … Continue reading

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>Why I love Shirley Williams

>Reasons too numerous for one blog posting, but specifically today because I’ve watched her being interviewed on the ’79 election programme. Can you just imagine what would happen to any interviewer today who said to Hazel Blears, or Harriet Harman … Continue reading

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