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>SNP Tactical Voting hits 30!

>No, not the actual blog, given that when Jeff was born, we didn’t have the internet. In fact, I don’t think we even had video recorders, or home PCs, I seem to remember both coming into our house in around … Continue reading

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>7 must be my lucky number!

>Forget the Oscar nominations (although Colin Firth picking up one of the coveted golden statues would be kind of heavenly), Scotland’s political bloggers have been waiting with a bit of trepidation for Duncan to reveal the Top Politics blogs as … Continue reading

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>Caron gets Steamie

>Ok, so that’s a bit of gratuitous headline grabbing. Alternatively, for those of you who actually know me on real life, it’s put you off your dinner. There is more than a grain of truth in it, though, unlike my … Continue reading

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>Keeping Children Safe – an update and round up of reaction

>I wrote this piece the other day about the new requirements to register with the Independent Safeguarding Authority for anyone who volunteers with children’s groups. While this requirement to register for volunteers doesn’t yet apply in Scotland, it soon will. … Continue reading

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>Homecoming Tripoli style angers world

>I said in my post the other day that I hoped that Libya wouldn’t go over the top in its welcome to Abdelbasset Ali Mohmed Al-Megrahi when he was set free and returned to Libya. Of course that was always … Continue reading

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>SNP Tactical Voting’s Guide to Gordon Brown for the Americans

>Every so often a fellow blogger comes up with something so good that it deserves circulating to a wider audience. Step forward Jeffrey Breslin and take your bow for this brilliant guide to Gordon Brown to the Americans. “Gordon doesn’t … Continue reading

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>Two New Millennium Bloggers

>No, this isn’t a reference to our favourite elephant but congratulations to two stalwarts of the Scottish blogging scene, Jeff and Fraser who today have made their thousandth posts on their blogs. I like reading both of them and hope … Continue reading

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>Caron’s Blog of the Year 2008

>I meant to put this in my review of last year and then forgot. It’s clearly going to take more than the dawn of a new year to resolve my scattiness issues. Anyway, I’ve spent more time in the blogosphere … Continue reading

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