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Embarrassment for SNP as it looks like they think they’re a one party state…

The SNP campaign in the Liberton and Gilmerton Council by-election in Edinburgh has proved that it’s, as Edmund Blackadder would say, at home to Mr Cock-Up. Yes, I know it’s a case of there but for the grace of god … Continue reading

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On this the rest of the political parties should follow the SNP’s lead…

 You should know by now that I’ll always give credit when I think it’s due. The SNP did a good thing the other day. At their party council meeting in Aberdeen, they passed policy on incorprating the World Health Organisation’s … Continue reading

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Rennie calls for review after Humza’s howler

The Scottish Government has a Minister for External Affairs, whose job it is to represent the Scottish Government on the international stage. This role is currently undertaken by SNP rising star Humza Yousaf. Humza has spent this week in Doha … Continue reading

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Salmond propmises post independence childcare revolution weeks after turning down Rennie’s plans for nursery education

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond  gave his keynote speech to SNP Conference this afternoon. There were three things in it that struck me as a Liberal Democrat. A numbers game Apparently a “yes” vote for independence would be a vote … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Day of Destiny clashes with Liberal Democrat Conference

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond announced today that the Independence Referendum would be held on 18th September 2014.  Three and a half years of preparation and campaigning will come to an end and Scotland will decide whether its future lies within the … Continue reading

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Another day, another SNP fantasy…

Sometimes you wonder if anyone in the SNP actually does any work at all, or do they just sit around daydreaming about how wonderful life would be under independence? Today they announce their plans to get from a yes vote … Continue reading

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A few harsh facts of life on an independent Scotland’s EU membership

Of all the weeks for Willie Rennie not to have a question at FMQs, this was probably the worst. While Johann Lamont and, particularly, Ruth Davidson gave Salmond just enough wiggle room over the bizarre EU legal advice issue, Willie … Continue reading

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Almost 200 SNP members cheer Gordon Wilson as he describes equal marriage as a "biological cul-de-sac

Sometimes you wonder whether people actually think about the implications of what they’re going to say before they open their mouths. Gordon Wilson has had plenty to say on the equal marriage issue, including that the SNP should not pursue … Continue reading

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The unsung hero of the Edinburgh Agreement

As I watched the events unfold in the Edinburgh sunshine today, as Alex Salmond and David Cameron signed the historic Agreement on the process for the Independence Referendum, my thoughts were with the man who actually put the leg work in on … Continue reading

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The SNP and the English Democrats

On Tuesday, in his speech to the Liberal Democrat Conference in Brighton, Willie Rennie called on conference representatives from south of the border to make the case for keeping the union together and not just give the stage to the … Continue reading

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