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>Where to get Swine Flu information

>The headline of the Daily Express today screams out that two young pregnant women have died of Swine Flu. Anyone who sees it, especially if they’re pregnant, is bound to be worried by it. I live in a house with … Continue reading

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>Toddlers expected to take Tamiflu Capsules

>I was quite shocked today to discover that children as young as 14 months old are being prescribed Tamiflu capsules because there isn’t enough of it in liquid form. Apparently that’s only being given to babies under a year old. … Continue reading

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>Swine Flu vaccine row shows need for Holyrood reform

>Heaven knows I’m not often one for finding sympathy with Nicola Sturgeon, but might she have a point when she says that if Scots are to be vaccinated against Swine Flu, then the money will either have to come from … Continue reading

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>Swine Flu leaflet – the second most useless thing I’ve read this week

>First, credit where it’s due – getting a leaflet out to every house in Britain in under a fortnight is not an easy logistical thing to do. I assume that the Royal Mail were more co-operative than they usually are … Continue reading

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>Forget the Tabloids, get your Swine Flu information here

>No, not right here, obviously, because I don’t know any more than you do, but here on the dedicated pages on the Health Protection Agency website. It’s updated all the time and will give you the information without the hysteria. … Continue reading

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>Swine, Wolf and Drugs

>I’m surprised that a state registered coward and instinctive worrier like me isn’t in hysterical panic about Swine Flu. The honeymoon couple who are currently in hospital in Airdrie with the first confirmed cases in the UK barely live 15 … Continue reading

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