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"The Government won’t let my husband into UK – while they talk about bombing the bejeezus out of his neighbourhood!"

This morning, Christine Gilmore wrote an article on Liberal Democrat Voice about why she believes intervention in Syria is critical. She has a different perspective than most of us as she has lived in Damascus. She moved there in 2010 … Continue reading

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Syria: what do Liberal Democrats want?

Last night Liberal Democrat Voice brought you Nick Clegg’s view on Syria, which can be summarised as follows: if we stand idly by we set a very dangerous precedent the use of chemical weapons is a repugnant crime we will not … Continue reading

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Struggling over Syria

I am really struggling with the question of what to do in Syria. On one hand, you have an evil and brutal regime who has no problem with gassing its own people. It didn’t just get evil after the Arab … Continue reading

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Amnesty Scotland tells Russia: stop arming Syria

Campaigners protest at Russian Consulate in Edinburgh. Photo: Shabnum Mustapha I was up early on Saturday morning to join an Amnesty Scotland protest outside the Russian Consulate in Edinburgh. The event was to mark 500 days since the start of … Continue reading

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Don’t let another mother see her child murdered in front of her #tippingpoint #syria

Every time I look at my beautiful daughter, I feel that rush of love that all parents feel for their children. Every time I see a news article about the dreadful massacre in Syria, my heart breaks for those mothers … Continue reading

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Amnesty International report highlights horrendous torture in Syria

My friend Shabnum Mustapha, who’s Amnesty’s Scottish Director, was on Good Morning Scotland today talking about the chilling report on torture in Syria produced by the organisation. I’ve read the report. It’s utterly horrible and upsetting. Crucifixion, rape, electric shocks, … Continue reading

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>Guest Post by Jacq Kelly: the violent disappearance of a gay girl in Damascus – how you can help

> On 28 April the writer Rachel Shabi (she’s awesome by the way so check out her work) tweeted the following: Incredible story from A Gay Girl in Damascus Read it – it made me cry, for a number of … Continue reading

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