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>Tax Credit Office fails again……..

>In my opinion, the Tax Credit Office is second only to the Home Office in the running for worst Government agency. Both organisations cause unnecessary misery to too many people. This morning I’ve seen that they’ve been up to their … Continue reading

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>You do not go to jail for tax credit overpayments, BBC

>Today is my birthday. I should be tucked up in my bed having a long lie being fed Earl Grey and chocolate and having my every whim attended to by my loving family. I should not be in a state … Continue reading

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>Taxes and Tax Credits – how bad will the Budget be?

>If you looked at the headlines this morning and didn’t actually buy a paper, you would possibly feel sorry for the 2 million families who were going to lose their tax credits thanks to the evil Government. Let’s just put … Continue reading

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>Liberal Democrats and Tax Credits – the truth exposed

>Gordon Brown has been following David Cameron’s example of how to deal with his party’s inability to engage the public in his campaign – when in doubt, scare people. Yesterday it was tax credits. He painted the Lib Dems as … Continue reading

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>Labour takes 50,000 of the poorest families to Court over Tax Credit Errors

>Whenever Nick Clegg has taken on Gordon Brown about how the gap between rich and poor has widened, Gordon Brown praises the tax credits system he introduced as Chancellor. This system is so fantastic that it gets a third of … Continue reading

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>Swinson Exposes Tax Credit Nightmare

>Earlier this week, Jo Swinson, Lib Dem MP for East Dunbartonshire secured a debate in Westminster Hall in which she highlighted how many of her constituents have been failed by the Government’s tax credit system. She told how one constituent’s … Continue reading

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