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Starbucks tax farce is one thing – but messing with my unborn nephew is another

The idea that you or I could just turn up at our local tax office and tell them how much tax we were going to pay them is utterly ridiculous. I’d kind of like to try, just to see their … Continue reading

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Does Magpie Miliband think we’re goldfish?

I watched Ed Miliband’s speech yesterday and, to give him his due, it’s one of the best speeches I’d heard him deliver. He was much more confident and positive than he has been in the past. His delivery improved and … Continue reading

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That awful "hard working families" phrase….

If there was one phrase used by politicians, including Liberal Democrats, I could choose to put in Room 101, it would be “hard working families.” This is partly because it doesn’t reflect all those who have been helped by the … Continue reading

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John Swinney jumps the gun with new tax quango

“Everything the SNP does is a stepping stone towards independence”. These were the words of the former leader of the SNP’s councillors in Glasgow, Allison Hunter, during the disastrous election campaign  which saw her group fail to form the administration. … Continue reading

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Labour put down amendment which would have given Tories tax cut for richest they wanted – and which Lib Dems stopped

I realise that Parliamentary shenanigans and point scoring isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s worth pointing out that Labour today squandered a relatively good position going into the first PMQs of the new Parliamentary term. Ed Miliband had an … Continue reading

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Metro finally gets the point of Liberal Democrat tax policy

The front page of yesterday’s Metro made me laugh. “The richest pay how much tax?” screamed their headline. “Multi millionaires hand over less than cleaners.” Their outrage at the relatively low rates of tax paid by the super rich continued for three … Continue reading

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Budget slashes income tax for lowest paid and boosts key Scottish industry

There you have it. The front page of the Lib Dem manifesto from 2010. The very top priority, of raising the tax threshold to £10,000. By rights, if we were doing it in equal instalments, the tax threshold would have … Continue reading

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Mike Moore on tax, the independence referendum and beach volleyball

Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore has been talking to the London Evening Standard about such subjects as varied as beach volleyball, the independence referendum and taxes. On the latter, he was clear where Liberal Democrat priorities for the … Continue reading

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Vince whets our appetite for Nick’s tax cuts speech

In the second very encouraging example in 4 days of Them Inside the Westminster Bubble communicating with us lesser mortals a bit better, the Almighty Vince sent an e-mail to party members this morning to give us the heads up … Continue reading

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Those evil Liberal Democrats are trying to stop the rich getting a hefty tax cut

So says the Telegraph today…… The news that senior Liberal Democrats in the Coalition have set their faces against cuts in the top rate of income tax will dismay senior Right-wing Tories. Like, presumably, the editor of the Telegraph who … Continue reading

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