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>Brown’s barbaric plans to stigmatise teenage mothers.

>I’m going to leave others to rip to shreds Gordon Brown’s claims on the economy and his new found belief in local Post Offices he made in his speech today. There’s plenty of scope for an awful lot of shreds. … Continue reading

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>Misogynist of the Week – Tom Harris MP

>I never thought I’d have to give out another Misogynist of the Week award so quickly – 2 in 4 days is quite something – but Tom Harris is a very deserving winner. Tom wrote a blog post yesterday, entitled … Continue reading

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>Some Random Thoughts on Teenage Parenthood

>The reports of new parents 13 year old Alfie Patten and 15 year old Chantelle Steadman has raised the predictable outrage from Red Top Britain, with tabloid journalists competing to get the most sensationalist headlines. I don’t pretend to have … Continue reading

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>Teenagers, Jabs and the Catholic Church

>I share Kezia Dugdale’s outrage that the lily-livered SNP Government have bought off the Catholic Church’s opposition to girls being vaccinated against the Human Papiloma Virus which causes cervical cancer. The deal is that pupils at their school can be … Continue reading

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