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3 ways you can try to save #isamuaza’s life

I am reeling from the fact that a government with Liberal Democrats in it is on the brink of crossing a major humanitarian line. Not content with standing by while Isa Muaza starves himself to death in protest at his … Continue reading

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So, who’s been briefing against Tim Farron, then?

The Liberal Democrats’ spell in government has been characterised by very little hostility and disunity on a personal level. Whatever arguments there may have been behind the scenes have not spilled over into the pages of the press very often. … Continue reading


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Lib Dem Federal Executive report – 28 October 2013

Last night’s Federal Executive meeting was a little strange. It must have been even stranger for Tim Farron who had to chair a meeting of 30 or so people when some were in the room, some were on the phone … Continue reading

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What the hell are the Home Office playing at – and why are Liberal Democrats letting them get away with it?

So, it seems that officials from the Home Office have been showing up at tube stations in London and demanding to see proof of people’s immigration status. That would be non white people’s status, by the way. The Independent has … Continue reading

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Autumn Statement gloom…..

I never look forward to George Osborne getting up on his feet in the House of Commons. It’s not entirely his fault, and I do know that he’s not getting to give the statement that he would like to because … Continue reading

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Writing to members about election results – what Nick needs to learn from Tim

Friday was not an easy day for the Liberal Democrats. This was not a surprise. I doubt many of us expected any good news at all. There was, though. We gained five Council seats and held on to three – … Continue reading

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Page 3 is the tip of a huge iceberg which threatens our society #nomorepage3

The No More Page 3 Campaign hurtles towards 50,000 signatures, and has attracted the backing of some more Liberal Democrat MPs, MSPs and councillors. Julian Huppert, Tom Brake and Stephen Williams have signed up, along with Alison McInnes MSP, Sarah … Continue reading

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Nick: Just say no to the Tories on more welfare cuts

My stomach is churning already and the Tory Conference has barely started. It makes me feel sick to my core to hear the way that the Prime Minister of this country is scapegoating benefit claimants. The focus of the attack … Continue reading

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East Midlands chair slams Press Officer’s call for Clegg to go

East Midlands Press Officer Mathew Hulbert called for Nick Clegg to be replaced as leader in a BBC interview today. His view will be no surprise to anyone  who has ever read what he writes on Liberal Democrat Voice in … Continue reading

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Why Farron rocks – Party President says he’ll stop using "hard working families"

Well, who says politicians don’t listen? Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat Party President, has said he will stop using the term “hard working families” after a few of us expressed our concerns about it. I had a bit of a … Continue reading

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