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Addiction is not a moral issue – on Rennie, the Record and Labour

On Thursday afternoon, the Scottish Parliament debated the Scottish Government’s Drugs Strategy, which has been in place since 2008. In general it was a pretty intelligent debate as you can see from the Official Report. The Government even accepted amendments from … Continue reading

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Here be SPOILERS: Asylum of the Daleks review

Just in case you didn’t read the word SPOILERS in big writing in the headlines, I’ll do a bit of a long introduction before I start to spill any beans. I didn’t actually watch the programme live, which is a … Continue reading

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Labour’s "attack dog" silenced, so why does Joan McAlpine still have a job?

So far, only the Sun in its usual inimitable style, appears to be reporting the story I heard on Good Morning Scotland that Tom Harris, pugnacious Labour MP for Glasgow South has been forced to stand down from his post as Labour’s … Continue reading

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Scunnered already – and the referendum won’t happen for years……

We’ve had a wee glimpse of what life would be like if Tom Harris won the leadership of Scottish Labour over the last couple of weeks – and it isn’t a pretty sight. The debate on the future of our … Continue reading

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Labour are finished until they lose their sense of entitlement to people’s votes #lab11

Labour MP for Glasgow South Tom Harris took his book promotion tour  Scottish leadership campaign to Good Morning Scotland today. He may well be talking the talk about how rubbish Labour have been recently, and how they need to change, … Continue reading

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Way to up your book sales, Tom Harris

I felt that low political stuff, especially when it involved a certain amount of teasing, was not appropriate for such a sombre weekend of remembrance. It’s Monday morning now, though, so I am quite happy to poke a wee bit … Continue reading

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>Scottish Blogs on Wikio – June 2011

>The Wikio rankings for June are out. There are still, sadly, only 7 Scottish blogs in the top 100 – and as there are a darned sight more than 7 brilliant Scottish blogs, I make my usual nagging effort to get … Continue reading

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>Another good guy dies too soon – David Cairns MP RIP

>I was really sad to read a while ago that David Cairns, the MP for Inverclyde, died last night. For a while, I hoped Twitter must have got it wrong because there was nothing on the BBC- and things aren’t … Continue reading

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>A lesson in coping with criticism

> While we were in the cafe at Edinburgh Castle yesterday afternoon, I checked my Blackberry and found this tweet from Tom Harris, Labour MP for Glasgow South: I see @caronmlindsay‘s new blog design has a battered LibDem bird being … Continue reading

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>Tom Harris, IPSA & a reminder of how the Labour Government treated people

>Tom Harris has been writing fairly extensively in recent weeks about the problems he and others have experienced with the new Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority. On some issues, I agree with him – I really don’t see why MPs should … Continue reading

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