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What the hell are the Home Office playing at – and why are Liberal Democrats letting them get away with it?

So, it seems that officials from the Home Office have been showing up at tube stations in London and demanding to see proof of people’s immigration status. That would be non white people’s status, by the way. The Independent has … Continue reading

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>Brown’s bombshell puts Labour back in the game

>Wow! With a heavy heart this morning, I was becoming increasingly convinced that the Lib Dem team was going to do some sort of deal with the Tories. Now it all seems to have changed and, literally, anything could happen. … Continue reading

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>European Results – Lib Dems’ reasons to be cheerful

>If there’s anything worse than going to bed knowing that a Fascist has been elected to a Parliament, it’s waking up to see Nick Griffin’s odious little mug over the news,celebrating his win in the north west. I want to … Continue reading

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>Tories get it wrong again

>The Tories have put out a new campaign video featuring a very cute baby with the comments that the baby has “his dad’s nose, mum’s eyes and Gordon Brown’s debt.” The shot then moves to the baby being given what … Continue reading

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