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Vince Cable in Aberdeen through the tweets of Stephen Harte

Last night Business Secretary Vince Cable did a “town hall meeting” style event with Scottish Party members in Aberdeen. We had Nick up last week and Vince this week, both, answering questions from activists. The meetings were packed and, although … Continue reading

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>Tweet your memories of Andrew Reeves tomorrow 10 am – 12 noon

>Tomorrow we have to say goodbye to our friend Andrew Reeves. It’s going to be a really difficult day after a hideous week. I had a little idea this morning as I was lying in bed.  Andrew, as we all … Continue reading

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>#F1 Lewis Hamilton apologises on Twitter. So that’s all right then.

>Oh, wow. Isn’t Twitter marvellous? See when you make a total arse of yourself, all you need to do is get on Twitter 24 hours later and say sorry and all will be well with the world. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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>Another good guy dies too soon – David Cairns MP RIP

>I was really sad to read a while ago that David Cairns, the MP for Inverclyde, died last night. For a while, I hoped Twitter must have got it wrong because there was nothing on the BBC- and things aren’t … Continue reading

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>A Fab Coincidence of Tweets

>This is why I totally love Twitter. There I was tonight, with emotions completely minced after watching the turmoil and trauma of the Coronation Street live 50th anniversary episode. In my mentions column, I saw this from Fabienne, who tweets as … Continue reading

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>Stephen Fry returns to the fray

>I was amused earlier this week to be touted as the poster girl of the intolerant left by Jeff over at Better Nation because of what I wrote about Stephen Fry’s reported comments on sexuality It’s quite ironic that I’ve been … Continue reading

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>Twitter meme update

>After I posted this meme about Twitter and all it means to me on Sunday, I tagged some people and four of them have so far responded: Kate really was an early adopter of microblogging – I suspect she even … Continue reading

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>My Twitter and I

>Sarah, who is one of the very lovely Twitter F1 crowd I’ve met over the past year or so, has tagged me in this meme about Twitter. In a week where Nadine Dorries has shown such ignorance about social networking, it’s … Continue reading

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>Why Nadine Dorries is wrong – aka Twitter saved my sanity

>Spidey and Andrew have already taken Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire Nadine Dorries to task for her ill informed comments about Twitter. Just to remind you, the lady thinks there must be something wrong with you if you tweet a … Continue reading

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>In which I get into the Torygraph for saying nice things about The Almighty Vince

>I knew Twitter would get me into trouble, or the Torygraph, which is probably worse, one day. Last week after Vince Cable’s speech, I got a bit carried away with the moment on Twitter which I assumed would vanish into … Continue reading

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