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Three things the Liberal Democrats must learn from Eastleigh

From Liberal Democrat Voice: Liberal Democrats are entitled to a weekend of being incredibly pleased with ourselves. I have never been as proud of this party as I am now. The way we calmly and professionally got on with delivering … Continue reading

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UKIP burn photo of Brian Paddick in Soho

Pink News reports that UKIP supporters burnt a picture of Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Brian Paddick in Soho this afternoon. How did they find out? Because UKIP press officer Gawain Towler tweeted the picture. If you look at his Twitter feed, Towler’s … Continue reading


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>Why UKIP are really bad news

>This is not an exhaustive list by any manner of means – but they have seriously annoyed me with the leaflet they put through my door this morning because it’s just basically complete nonsense. Here’s some reasons why they aren’t … Continue reading

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>Libertas kicks UKIP with funny You Tube video

>Nice to see that all is happy and friendly in Euro-Sceptic Land…. Interesting that the Libertas website has not one single item about the real problems facing the world – not a thing on how Europe needs to work together … Continue reading

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