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What if Iran talked about holocaust and returning somewhere to the Middle Ages?

Can you just imagine the outcry if Iran’s President Ahmadinejad came out with comments like wanting to send somewhere back to the Middle Ages. What if he talked about inflicting a holocaust on a particular people? And then had his … Continue reading

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Just stop the killing in Gaza

Ok, I’ve had enough. Will somebody please take Israel by the scruff of the neck and get them told that bombarding Gaza, causing immense suffering and a humanitarian crisis, is just not on. I’m looking at you, Barack Obama and … Continue reading

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>Israel accused of War Crime in Gaza

>So, just imagine it. You’re a Palestinian family, in your home, such as it is, probably without electricity and running water. You’re absolutely terrified of it being destroyed by the Israelis in one of their vicious air assaults. Then an … Continue reading

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