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Scary Republicans part 2 – Rape is a method of conception

I think I’ve got it now. If enough Republicans say enough ridiculous and offensive things about rape, then Mitt Romney’s position, which would radically reduce the rights of women to seek termination of pregnancy, might just look mainstream and moderate. … Continue reading


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Scary Republicans Part 1 – comparing pregnancy from rape to having a child out of wedlock

As the Republicans gather in Florida for their Convention, they are all madly trying to make it sound as though they really aren’t as bad as Todd Akin, the Missouri senate candidate whose assertion that you can’t get pregnant from … Continue reading

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All sorts of lovely reasons to vote Republican

An oldie but a goodie.

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Please don’t get the idea that Mitt Romney is a moderate…..

A Facebook friend of mine last night summed up my feelings about the Republican caucuses in Iowa perfectly when he said: Looking forward to finding out what flat earth, anti-woman, homophobic, creationist, global warming denier the Republicans vote for in … Continue reading

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Two decades since Clinton announced he was running for President

There are too many anniversaries happening this year – many of them cover events which happened 3 decades ago, like the wedding of Charles and Diana, and Bucks Fizz winning the Eurovision Song Contest. In a way, though, I was … Continue reading

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>YIPPEE – he’s done it! Phew!

>Ok, you can’t really argue with the other guy giving up. I believe it now. I’m smiling. McCain is being very generous in defeat and offering help and support in the future. I know I should go to bed, but … Continue reading

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>Rather Late start to US Election Live Blog

>03:36 Apparently Massachusetts and Michigan have approved decriminalising cannabis. 03:31 Remember that Republican who said Obama was unAmerican and called for an investigation and her Dem opponent then raised $1.3million in a week? She is 5% ahead with 24% of … Continue reading

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>Ok, I’m up

>Am awake (just), tea made, tv, laptop and heating on. I thought it was only polite to get up to see whether my friend Elspeth has made the difference for Obama in Colorado. So far, so good, I guess……….. LibDig … Continue reading

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>Am choosing sleep for the mo – text me when it all starts to get exciting

>Ok, am going to try to get a few hours’ sleep cos I’m a wimp – but I am relying on those of you who know me to text me to wake me up when it all gets exciting……… LibDig … Continue reading

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>US Election – this will make you cry

>Hat tip to Chris Black for this moving story of a trip to the polling booth. LibDig This!

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