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South Bronx is just as important as Seneca Falls, Selma and Stonewall

It is lovely to watch a US President taking the oath of office and not be scared. The feeling of dread I experienced in 1981 and 2001 when Reagan and the younger Bush took office was not pleasant. While Barack … Continue reading

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>A Guide to Political Speech Making

>As both Liberal Democrats and SNP candidates nervously await the results of their list selections in Scotland, I am certain that none of them will have made a speech quite like this. ## This guy has a Masters in … Continue reading

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>John McCain – what were you thinking?

>I’d never heard of Sarah Palin until yesterday. All I really know is that she’s Governor of Alaska, has been for about a year and a half, is under investigation for trying to get her ex brother in law fired … Continue reading

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>Obama Biden 08

>So, the secret is out. We now know that Barack Obama has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate. What has made me howl with laughter is the reaction from the McCain camp – that this shows that … Continue reading

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>Go Hillary

>I’m glad to see that Hillary has thrown her hat into the ring. Conventional wisdom says that she’s too much of a polarising figure and that she won’t, even if teamed up with Barack Obama, be able to lead the … Continue reading

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