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We know the Daily Mail gets politics wrong all the time – but you’d think Strictly would be simple enough for them to understand

The Daily Fail website recycles a Total Politics interview with Nadine Dorries in which she’s as predictable as ever. I particularly like the way she describes, in the original interview, the Liberal Democrats as “more left wing than Labour” and … Continue reading

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Is Vince right on dismissal and settlement agreements?

Before I really get into this, I do think it’s important to acknowledge that had the Tories been governing alone, they would have cheerfully implemented the Beecroft Report which basically gives employers the right to hire and fire at will. How … Continue reading

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Former MP John Barrett’s daughter Sarah to run 10k to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support

Everyone will be delighted that popular former Liberal Democrat MP for Edinburgh West John Barrett is well on the road to recovery after suffering from Cancer last year. After surgery and 6 gruelling months of chemotherapy, he was in fine … Continue reading

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Vince on Marr: It’s grown up to talk to Labour

Vince Cable went on the Andrew Marr show this morning to talk about his new industrial strategy. He was also asked about the story in the Mail on Sunday which touted the idea that Zac Goldsmith would resign his Commons … Continue reading

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That Nick Clegg leadership poll: what the papers say

Strangely, that Liberal Democrat Voice poll which showed that members were split 47%-46% on whether Nick Clegg should still be Liberal Democrat leader at the next election has attracted a bit of coverage in the press. The Guardian suggests that: Clegg is … Continue reading

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Vince in Edinburgh – what the members said

Edinburgh was spoiled last weekend. Not only was there a Madonna concert and a performance of the Hitch Hikers’ Guide to the Galaxy radio show (which I went to), but Business Secretary Vince Cable answered questions from Liberal Democrat members … Continue reading

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Vince on leadership speculation, principles, Osborne, independence and much more

Edinburgh has been very well indulged this weekend. Madonna played Murrayfield, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy people were in town and last night, Business Secretary Vince Cable answered questions from Scottish Liberal Democrat members. This was quite hastily arranged … Continue reading

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Lib Dems see off Beecroft Report

Tough though these last two year have been, there are some times I am really glad we are in there holding the Tories back. Make no mistake, the proposals for employers to basically hire and fire at will, and for … Continue reading

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How Vince avoided Murdoch – an example of appropriate ministerial behaviour

Today’s Guardian carries a report by Patrick Wintour which shows the frustrations of the News Corporation camp as they tried and failed to develop the same sort of close relationship with Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable as they had … Continue reading

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Danny Alexander compared to Lloyd George – in the Scotsman, for goodness’ sake

High praise indeed for Danny Alexander in today’s Scotsman, where David Maddox suggests that he should be the liberal hero of the 21st century as Lloyd George, architect of the People’s Budget was for the 20th century. Danny comes in … Continue reading

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