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Did Government misrepresent Professor Harrington’s view on Employment and Support Allowance rollout?

I’ve written many times about the problems with the Government’s Work Capability Assessment, the tool, implemented by ATOS, used to decide who qualifies for Employment and Support Allowance. The WCA was first introduced by Labour for new ESA claimants in … Continue reading

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It’s time for the Liberal Democrats in Government to call for the abolition of the "Bedroom Tax"

Point 1. If anybody says I should call it the “spare room subsidy”, that argument was lost months back. Point 2. An international housing expert representing not just any international organisation, but the UN, for goodness sake, has recommended that … Continue reading

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Rennie and Moore secure £35 million Bedroom Tax help

The arguments over the so-called Bedroom Tax have been rehearsed on this site on many occasions and it’s been in the news today, with the judgement that it does not discriminate against disabled people. The Department of Work and Pensions has separately … Continue reading

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ATOS to lose monopoly of Work Cabability Assessments after audit shows up "unacceptable" standard of report

Those of us who are concerned about the fairness of the welfare system often cite the Work Capability Assessment, which claimants of Employment and Support Allowance are required to take. It seems that every few days there’s a story in … Continue reading

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Danny Alexander rejects George Osborne’s comments on the Philpott case

I told you the other night that Sarah Teather had condemned George Osborne’s comments connecting the Philpott case to the welfare system. Some people made comments along the lines that it was only a backbencher, and no Liberal Democrat minister had said … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie takes up Bedroom Tax issue with Danny Alexander

“I am in constant dialogue (with the UK Government) because I’ve gathered evidence myself, I’ve seen people who are going to be affected by this. I’ll be working to make sure people are not hurt.” So said Scottish Lib Dem … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg finally calls out Tories on welfare reform

It’s five years tomorrow since Nick Clegg was elected leader of the Liberal Democrats. I worked very hard on his leadership campaign, phoning like mad to persuade people I knew to vote for him. Some might even forgive me one … Continue reading

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The People’s Review of the Work Capability Assessment – a catalogue of incompetence, inaccuracy and poor decisions

You will know that I have been pretty critical of the Work Capability Assessment. This is the tool by which sick and disabled claimants are assessed for entitlement to Employment and Support Allowance (the new name for Incapacity Benefit). The … Continue reading

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The #hardesthit fringe at Scottish Liberal Democrat Conference

The Liberal Democrats have done a lot of good in this coalition government, from ending child detention, to cutting income taxes for low paid workers to ensuring fair pension increases every year with Steve Webb’s triple lock, to giving extra … Continue reading

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"We have agreed to none of this". Lib Dems on Tory welfare proposals

I said earlier that I wanted senior Liberal Democrats to come out and reassure us that we were having nothing to do with these ridiculous welfare cuts that the Tories would dearly love to impose on young people and families. … Continue reading

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