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Will you follow Maelo’s example and keep your blinds closed as Commons votes on Welfare Uprating Bill?

We’ve become used to 13 year old Maelo Manning, who blogs as libdemchild, not only writing about her views, but actually taking action. Just last month, she spent a cold Saturday afternoon at the Indian High Commission conducting a vigil … Continue reading

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Lib Dems stop Tories from taking Housing Benefit from the Under 25s

One bit of very good news on welfare front – the Liberal Democrats have held firm and told George Osborne where to shove his ridiculous plan to take Housing Benefit away from under 25s, according to yesterday’s Observer. Nor is … Continue reading

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Nick: Just say no to the Tories on more welfare cuts

My stomach is churning already and the Tory Conference has barely started. It makes me feel sick to my core to hear the way that the Prime Minister of this country is scapegoating benefit claimants. The focus of the attack … Continue reading

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