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William Hague offers me £2 million

Look what I found in my junk email this morning. The thought of William Hague handing out £2 million to a selection of random individuals via a Hotmail account appealed to my sense of the absurd.  All I have to … Continue reading

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Just stop the killing in Gaza

Ok, I’ve had enough. Will somebody please take Israel by the scruff of the neck and get them told that bombarding Gaza, causing immense suffering and a humanitarian crisis, is just not on. I’m looking at you, Barack Obama and … Continue reading

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>In support of William and Ffion Hague – politicians have a right to a private life

>I know I’m a big softie, but when I read William Hague’s unprecedented personal statement, I actually had a tear in my eye. It must have been really difficult for both him and Ffion to be so frank about their … Continue reading

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>Hague takes sexist swipe at Harman over husband’s selection

>It’s fashionable in some circles to think William Hague has redeemed himself over the past 9 years since he resigned as Tory Leader in the wake of a hefty defeat after he led a narrow minded, bigoted campaign. Since then, … Continue reading

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