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Willie Rennie: "In 20 years, they’ll be glad they had nursery education at an early stage because it might just change their life chances"

There were extraordinary scenes in the Scottish Parliament this afternoon. First of all, the Scottish Liberal Democrats didn’t even vote for their amendment, and nor did anyone else. They didn’t have to, because the Scottish Government had taken a big … Continue reading

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In full: Willie Rennie’s speech in Holyrood independence referendum debate – Scotland is unique and the stakes are high

Willie Rennie and the recently ennobled Jeremy Purvis wer ein fine form today.  Jeremy whipped Pete Wishart’s backside on Politics Scotland this afternoon, pointing out that it isn’t that long since the SNP were talking about banishing all vestiges of … Continue reading

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First reactions to #whitepaper on independence and three initial questions from me

For months, years, even, whenever we’ve asked questions about independence, after we’ve been accused of scaremongering, we’ve been told to wait for the White Paper. Well, that wait is over as the White Paper has now been published – or is … Continue reading

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Go home poster vans still up in Glasgow despite the best efforts of Liberal Democrats

We know that Liberal Democrats within the Government have said that there will be no repetition of the Go Home poster vans which were sent to drive round certain boroughs in London. We also know that there will be no … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie talks about domestic abuse and Bill Walker, Yes Scotland supporter tweets he has a "face you just want to hit with a shovel"

Willie Rennie went on Channel 4 News to talk about why he wants to see convicted violent abuser Bill Walker MSP (TM Better Nation) out of the Parliament. He talked about how he wanted to see a recall law to … Continue reading

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In full: Willie Rennie: We need a new Claim of Right to deliver a powerful Scotland in the UK

The full text of Willie Rennie’s speech in Glasgow today in which he called on the party leaders to develop a joint declaration on future constitutional change after a no vote for independence.  One of the reasons that people have … Continue reading

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Rennie and Moore secure £35 million Bedroom Tax help

The arguments over the so-called Bedroom Tax have been rehearsed on this site on many occasions and it’s been in the news today, with the judgement that it does not discriminate against disabled people. The Department of Work and Pensions has separately … Continue reading

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Will Rod Campbell put local justice in Cupar before party?

One thing we know about SNP MSPs is that they’re a pretty compliant bunch who don’t give their whips much bother. The biggest rebellion to date is over an internal party issue, NATO, which led to the resignation of two … Continue reading

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Willie Rennie as you’ve never seen him before

Everyone who knows Willie Rennie will know that he hardly ever stops. Whether it’s getting on Alex Salmond’s case in Holyrood, fighting for college funding or for the best start in life for two year olds, to travelling from one … Continue reading

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Johann Lamont’s best line ever at FMQs – and it wasn’t even accurate….

It’s been a bit of a pandatastic week. The Edinburgh Zoo pandas have been here for 18 months and have so far managed to avoid the First Minister. Until the other day. The way he pronounced on Tian Tian’s medical … Continue reading

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