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I don’t get all the fuss about Janet Devlin #xfactor

Yes, two reality tv posts in one day – but it’s my blog and I’ll write about trash if I want to. The return of the X Factor always makes me feel sad because it feels like Summer’s over and … Continue reading

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>The Fantastic Ms Featherstone speaks out against X-rated X Factor

>I really do shudder at linking to a Daily Fail story, but for once it’s for a good reason. I was really proud of our Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone for speaking out against the X Factor’s decision to show some … Continue reading

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>Louis Walsh seeks £1.3 million for next X Factor

>The papers have been full of X Factor Judge speculation for weeks. First Dannii’s out and Posh is in, then Lily and Charlotte are supposedly scrapping for a place at the judging table – the facts, ie Charlotte’s blatant denial … Continue reading


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>X Factor’s Louis Walsh helps Children’s Charity

>Credit where it’s due, it’s good to see that much and often unfairly maligned X Factor Judge Louis Walsh has a heart. It’s amazing what random stuff you find on the internet when you’re looking for something completely different. Anyway, … Continue reading

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>X Factor judges sink to new low

>I thought the scenes of bitching and name calling we often see in the House of Commons was the finest example of public juvenile behaviour we had in this country. Not so – tonight the X Factor judges showed that … Continue reading

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>Mean Viruses and Saturday night entertainment

>Just so you know, I haven’t been ignoring you over the last week and a half – I have not been well. Some call it cold turkey after the Glenrothes by-election and have suggested that I head down to Bexley … Continue reading

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>X Factor controversy copies Strictly

>What is the world coming to when a public vote on a Saturday night entertainment show ends up being discussed in the House of Commons? Tom Harris is even having a strop about it too. Early favourite Laura White was … Continue reading

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>Strictly beats X Factor

>Strictly Come Dancing beat the X Factor tonight in the best talent show category at hte National Trash Awards. Simon Cowell was not happy, although there was some comfort for him later when he was given a Special Recognition Award. … Continue reading

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