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My booty has been well and truly shaken…

I do apologise for any distress the image in that headline may have caused you. I can assure you that no foundations of buildings were damaged as a result. At least not to my knowledge anyway. I have been back … Continue reading

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>My favourite Zumba song of the moment………….

>…….is every bit as tacky and cheesy as you would expect of me. I have been trying to find it for weeks online and today I succeeded and it’s now happily on my iPhone. It’s called Pegate (Spanish for get … Continue reading

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>Why I’m keeping up my Zumba during the election – and a wee treat for you

>I have made the decision that, for a change, I’m not going to push myself to the absolute limits of what my body can take during this election. It took me six months to feel remotely human after the 2010 … Continue reading

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>Learning the Reggaeton Shuffle and the Merengue March – STV teach us Zumba

>Do you know your Beto Shuffle from your Cumbia Funk? Do you have the slightest clue what I’m on about, or does that last sentence make you scared? There’s no need to be – these weird sounding things aren’t medical … Continue reading

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