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No, Alex, I wasn’t tricked. I voted No because I wasn’t convinced by you and your plans

Hi Alex You’ve been putting it about that those of us who voted No in last week’s referendum have been tricked by the vow from the three pro-UK parties. That’s a bit of a presumption, to be honest. It assumes, … Continue reading

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Your essential guide to the Wee Blue Book

Wings Over Scotland’s Wee Blue Book has been distributed to voters from Yes Scotland stalls around the country. It’s also available online for people to read. My friend Toby Fenwick, a bit of a geek on the numbers front, has … Continue reading

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Yes Scotland is a bit late to realise that Wings over Scotland is bad news

About two years too late, the Yes Scotland campaign has started to distance itself from controversial pro-independence blog Wings over Scotland,  run by a Bath based individual who describes himself as “Rev” Stuart Campbell. The Courier reports that Yes Scotland has … Continue reading

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SNP try to airbrush the trouble out of paradise – but they can’t argue with the evidence

Since last night’s post in which I brought you news that SNP MEP Alyn Smith had said at a Law Society hustings that the SNP leadership should admit it made a mistake (against his advice) by saying that an independent … Continue reading

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Carmichael: We should be proud of what we are achieving in the UK, not talking about leaving

In a week where I’ve despaired a bit of the pro-UK campaign, it’s good to see Alistair Carmichael come out brimming with pride at what we have and what we’ve built together in the UK. In a speech at Edinburgh … Continue reading

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An evening with Alistair Darling and Jim Naughtie

It was with very little enthusiasm that, full of the Liberal Democrat Conference cold, I headed to Glasgow to spend 90 minutes watching Jim Naughtie in conversation with Alistair Darling as part of a series of lectures ahead of the … Continue reading

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Nationalist outrage as Labour’s Lamont says “We are not genetically programmed in Scotland to make political decisions..” But they miss out the important bit. #scotnight #indyref

Social media has come alive with nationalists expressing outrage at a comment made by Johann Lamont in last night’s Scotland Tonight Referendum debate. The first of these debates got 190,000 viewers in May last year so if we assume the … Continue reading

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Another day, another wheel off the SNP independence bandwagon #indyref

It has not been a good week for Scottish independence campaigners and particularly the SNP. Their primary objective in their quest has been to achieve a break up of the UK without scaring any horses. We’d hardly notice, they said. … Continue reading

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