>Send your message of support to Felipe Massa

>It’s great that there’s been some encouraging news on the condition of F1 driver Felipe Massa. It’s great to know that he’s now awake and communicating and that the doctors think that he could make a complete recovery from the injuries he sustained in that awful crash on Saturday.

This is better news than we’d heard earlier in the day when it had been suggested that his eye had been damaged to the extent that it might end his career. In fact, the truth is that they simply don’t know yet. I’m really fed up with some of the exaggerated and inaccurate speculation that has come out over the last few days – at best it’s journalists being sloppy and at worst ghoulishly sensationalist. At the moment the blogosphere and Twitter are kicking the mainstream media into a cocked hat. Rubens Barrichello again updated his Twitter today. It’s actually better to have these reports from him because I doubt he would say anything that the Massa family didn’t want us to hear.

Fellow Brazilian driver and all round good guy Nelson Piquet Jr, who, as I said before, has earned the admiration of at least the corner of the F1 Twitterverse I inhabit, has got together with some friends of his to organise messages of support via Twitter. If you are not on Twitter, you can send your message, or picture or e-card to forzafelipemassaATgmailDOTcom.

It’s a nice idea and I’m sure it’ll cheer him up to know that many people across the world took time out of their day to send him their get well wishes.

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2 Responses to >Send your message of support to Felipe Massa

  1. >Please send my love and good wishes to Felipe Massa and those of my daughter, Mandy. We hope with all our hearts that he continues to make a good and complete recovery and are looking forward to seeing him racing again in the future.Many thanks, Sylvia (France) and Mandy (Italy)


  2. Caron says:

    >I'll pass that on via e-mail.It's looking good for him so far, thankfully, and I hope we see him back behind the wheel of his Ferrari as soon as he can.


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