Call Clegg: Nick condemns morning after pill critics as misogynist, medieval and insulting to women

I do love it when Nick gets all cross about things. He’s always been pretty open about his views but at times can come across almost too careful. Those occasions when he just lets rip are so good.

This morning, he did not mince his words about those “experts” (sorry for the Daily Mail link, but who they count as experts is really funny) who think that giving women access to the morning after pill will fuel promiscuity. It took me about 4 tweets to get it all in – misogynist, insulting, medieval, Victorian, sexist, demeaning. He also got in a strong message about how education lowers the teenage pregnancy rate. Here’s the whole thing:

I’m absolutely appalled, and in fact really quite angry, on behalf of many, many women across the country about this suggestion that giving a woman the right to buy the morning-after pill will somehow automatically lead to more promiscuous behaviour. I think it’s demeaning, I think it’s patronising, I think it’s sexist. It’s quite astonishing. Women don’t take the morning after pill lightly,

To say to a woman she cannot have the right, in case she has unprotected sex, to have the morning-after pill available to her, and to say you cannot possibly have that right because we – whoever’s we, the government, society, or whichever newspaper is pontificating about this – think you will suddenly become terribly promiscuous, is an absolute insult to women across the country …

This is lifting the lid on a really fundamental difference in attitude towards women. Women shouldn’t be told we are not going to give you the freedom to buy something from a chemist because you think you might need it, because otherwise we don’t trust how you will behave sexually. It’s a Victorian, worse than that, it’s a medieval approach to women. That’s why I’m as angry as I am on behalf of women.

He also got the chance to take on Nigel Farage on his outrageous claim that right at the end of last night’s debate that the EU had blood on its hands over Ukraine. He said he was shocked that Farage agreed with Vladimir Putin, adding that it was insulting to those who had protested in Kiev for values “we all share.”

Someone asked him about the news that sharia compliant wills are to be allowed. Nick’s firm retort was that if you want a sharia compliant will that’s up to you, but “we aren’t changing the law.” You couldn’t have exceptions for specific communities because we all need to be equal before the law.

I found it difficult to find any sympathy with the rich person who complained they’d have to sell their house to pay council tax. Nick explained to him how the system would actually work, how he would only pay tax on the value above £2 million and the caller seemed mollified. However, Nick did add in that it was really unfair that a family in Lewisham paid the same in Council tax for their family home as an oligarch in a Kensington mansion It’s that fairer society thing, again, isn’t it?

The week’s daft question was devoted to Arsene Wenger. Nick said he had been sighing with sorrow, but he was a Wenger fan and he should say. Nick Ferrari said “that’s him gone, then.”

Here’s my Storify thingy about the event here where you can see what Nick had to say about the leaders’ debates next year.

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