#365 and #364 to 50

I’m having to face up to the fact that on July 31st, 2017, I’m going to turn 50. When I was young ,50 seemed ancient. Now I’m almost in its embrace, I feel confused, because in my heart I’m still in my 20s. I am so not ready to even be middle aged.

For the run-up, I am going to shamelessly rip off an idea from my friend Emma Farthing-Sykes who posted an image every day for the last year of her 20s.

Now, I’m not a particularly brave sort so the chances of me making a bucket list with things like abseiling off the Forth Rail Bridge on it are less than zero.  I do intend to have a fair bit of fun on the way to my half century though and to share it with you.

Actually, #365 to 50 was yesterday. We went to a place called Bowling, the western end of the Forth and Clyde canal, to visit the Dug Cafe. You can’t really wish for more than tea and cake with dogs running around. Our Hazel found it a bit overwhelming, and hid under the table for a while. Here she is after she ventured out.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 22.24.36

#364 to 50

Today I’ve got my sleek new hairdo for my upcoming holiday, shopped like a demon and spent a bit of time out in the garden reading. Reading and food are two of my favourite things in the world so give me a cookery book and I’m in heaven. Give me a cookery book with feminism, political gossip and Lib Demmery and I’m very happy indeed. Miriam Gonzalez Durantez’s Made In Spain has kept me amused today and I’ll be writing my review tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 22.26.15

My aim is to have two years of fun and celebration. The first to get used to the idea of hitting 50, the second to cope with the reality. There’s no other way to deal with it that I can see.  Come along and enjoy the journey with me.

About caronlindsay

Scottish Lib Dem internationalist, mum, LGBT+ ally, Doctor Who, Strictly, F1 and trashy tv addict and blogger. Servant to two spaniels. She/her.
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1 Response to #365 and #364 to 50

  1. dawudislam says:

    This is a great little project, looking forward to seeing how the ‘365’ develops. 50 is, of course, just a number and the concept of years and time a human construct. Turning 30 was the only one that ever freaked me out but then I resolved to never put myself through that nonsense again and my 40th was probably the best party I’ve ever had with 2 live bands and over 100 guests. 60 is the next big one for me but with the wonderful mischief being created by many octogenerians these days, many of them in our own party, I’m just praying for continued good health and taking each day as it comes. Good Luck and enjoy your holiday.


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