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#F1 should not be in Bahrain this weekend

There is no way that the Formula 1 circus should be going anywhere near Bahrain this weekend. The report published by Amnesty International contains grim evidence of unfair trial, arrest, police brutality and torture. The last cases they document took … Continue reading

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>Nick Clegg’s e-mail on Libya – and why I tentatively support the international action

>This e-mail from Nick Clegg was sent to Party members before the air strikes on Libya began last night but I thought I’d post it anyway.I am worried about the action and I just hope that it will save and … Continue reading

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>Sinister speech by Saif Gadaffi threatens brutal endgame

>I had fully intended to go to bed early last night. Listening to the brutal ramblings of a deluded despot’s son. Yet at 11pm, which would have been 1am in Tripoli, I found myself transfixed by the 40 minute speech, … Continue reading

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>Bernie Ecclestone must pull #F1 out of Bahrain now

>I said on Twitter on Tuesday that if the Bahrain Government was going to fire on its own people, then the Formula One season opener due to take place on 13th March, as well as the testing the previous weekend, … Continue reading

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